Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Selling ebooks again and got good news!

So glad that I'm moving my ebook collection store to another online selling site! Yippee!

Not only that, but I also decided to sell the ebooks for a much, much lower price than before so when you purchase from my list, it will seem like you merely donated that amount for our cause.

The new prices from now on will be: (for international rates, please use the conversion rate found above)

For each ebook title
Php5.00 (local)
$ 0.11 (USA)
€ 0.07 (International orders)
10.31 yen (Japan)

For each ebook title
Php50.00 (local)
$ 1.05 (USA)
€ 0.75 (International orders)
103.12 yen (Japan)

Please send Paypal payment to:


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